Mule Deer Chandeliers
Bradley's Antler Chandeliers are available to ship within 2-3 weeks and are made of a durable resin that
will withold its color and frame for decades to come. In addition, the light-weight resin allows you to
hang these chandeliers from anywhere! (Unlike real antler chandeliers which are extremely heavy and
require a durable stud anchor in just the right spot.) Each chandelier comes complete with 3 feet of chain
and canopy mounting kit available in Antique Bronze or Black.
Mule Deer 6 Antler Chandelier
Was $749 Now $549
32” wide x 20” tall
Features 6 candelabra lights
Weighs 6 Ilbs.

Mule Deer 9 Antler Chandelier
Was $849 Now $649
36” wide x 20” tall
Features 12 candelabra lights
Weighs 9 Ilbs.