Rustic Tree Stump End Tables

Natural Abaca and Teak Tropical Hardwood Coffee Table On Sale - $549
Our Tree Stump end tables are a one-of-a-kind way to add some natural elegance to any room. Harvested from the Rocky Mountains, these stump tables are finished by hand and are meticulously cut and leveled to bring out beautiful details in every unique piece. These come in small, medium, or large dimensions and can be cut to size per request. Contact us with additional questions or to place an order. We are more than happy to send additional photos of current in-stock stumps. or 801-484-1007

Tree Stump End Table w/ Antlers $279*

Large Stump End Table $299*
(Over 24" in Diameter!)

Pine Stump End Table $199

Juniper Stump End Table $279*

Cottonwood Stump Sale Price $599*

*Each stump and slab top comes in different sizes, shapes, and dimensions in that they are 100% solid natural wood. For information on pieces currently available or in stock, email

Natural Abaca Hardwood Cocktail Table
51x20x20* (Size and Shape will Vary)

Natural Abaca Hardwood Sofa Table
55x16x29.5* (Size and Shape will Vary)

Large Elm Stump Coffee Table   $599*

Large Cottonwood Stump Coffee Table   $599*

Custom Silver Maple Cocktail Table Approx 55"l x 26"w 

Custom Silver Maple Slabs for Cocktail Tables or Small Desks