Coaster and Homelegance Traditional Youth Bedroom
Founded in California in 1984, Homelegance and Coaster Furniture have developed a history of building high quality products at exceptional values. Through years of growing and expanding, they now have warehouses all throughout the USA. Though most of their pieces are built overseas to keep prices down, they still focus on creating great quality products that would rival even companies here in North America. We carry the entire product line of each Coaster and Homelegance Furniture, but showcase just a couple of each companies best-selling pieces on our floor. Recently we have worked with Coaster to introduce a new website showcasing all of their collection with our low pricing and stock information available for each of our customers to view in real time at this page: Online Coaster Portal with pricing. For Homelegance's entire online catalogue with dimensions and model information, Click Here for the website to Homelegance Furniture. If you find something you like either email or call with pricing questions!
Homelegance 1349 Glamour $349

Coaster 400701 Race Car Bed $449