Artisan Distressed and Hardwood Bedroom
Click any collection below for additional pictures of Nightstands, Dressers, Chests of Drawers, Etc. Also, visit our manufacturer's website for more dimensions and pictures along with additional collections:

Artisan Terra Walnut Distressed Rustic Collection  - See a sample on our showroom

Artisan Terra White Distressed Rustic Collection  See a sample on our showroom

Artisan Moro Distressed Rustic Collection -New for Winter of 2018: Email or Call for more Information!

Solid Wood Maderia Reclaimed Wood Set New Collection- Email for Pricing and click for Dimensions

Luna White Distressed Bedroom Set- New for Spring of 2019: Email or Call for more Information!

All sizes are approximate and subject to change. Each of the vendors on this page use real wood and hand applied finishes that will have natural variations. Two pieces may not be the exact same shade, especially when ordering add on pieces at a later date. Please secure all loose pieces to the wall to prevent injury. Call or email confirm exact dimensions if you have space constraints prior to placing any order:801-484-1007