Rustic Accent Sculptures
Take a look at our most popular collection of Rustic Accent Sculptures; the perfect touch for your cabin or home! Many of these are on display or in stock today. Contact us with inventory questions.
Our original "Montana Bronze" sculptures are composed by our proprietary process, using blends of fine resins. The beautiful finish is the result of hand-applied patinas and metallic paint, carefully matched to accent all of the subtle details of the artwork.

Royal Battle Elk 17 w x 7h $169

Royal Battle Elk 17 w x 7h $169
Wild and Noble 10 w x 14h $189

Living Large Deer 14 w x 12.5h $189

Generations Fisher 9.5 w x 15h $169

Keep Up Bear Sculpture
15 w x 8h $169

Training Day Retriever 17 w x 7h $169

Twilight Catch 12 w x 17h $179
One Chance Elk 8.5 w x 12h $179

Herd Bull 8.5 w x 12h $179

Canoe Trip Bear 24 w x 9h $179

American Icon 10 w x 10h $139

American Icon 15.5 w x 13.5h $279
Landing Gear Down Duck 24 w x 9h $179

Until We Meet Again Fisher 7.5 w x 11h $159

Regal Pheasant 18 w x 11h $179